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OFFER NOW CLOSED: Free 1 Year Subscription


Free 1 Year Subscription Offer Now Closed

Hopefully you were lucky enough to take advantage of the Free 1 Year Subscription to SESSIONS Magazine

Stay tuned for more offers to come in the futureĀ 

SESSIONS Magazine’s 7th Issue will be released Friday, June 15, 2012!


By subscribing to our newsletter, SESSIONS Magazine is offering a FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION.

This offer is only valid to the first one hundred subscribers! This offer won’t last long, subscribe for free today.

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  1. love it please send it!

  2. I love this magazine…the photography is Genius…..

  3. Great idea!

  4. Nice work Robin! So similar to idea I’ve been working toward 2 years ago along with fitness business, I think that’s why you were one of 1st people I met on FB with similar aspirations, and spun off physical fitness.I got a late start in networking, more focused on the business, til I realized potentialiality beyond brick & mortor, now finding you where ever I go Linkedin Twitter Pinterest etc. A testament to your ability to get yourself positioned in the right places at the right times & shows knack for getting followers to the right places, I think this is an art & your becoming an artist.

  5. Would love to be on your newsletter list and qualify for a 1 year free subscription. I also hope to get some of my images into your magazine very soon! Thanks

  6. Would love a free subscription :)

  7. how can I subscribe and get this months edition?

  8. I would like to get the latest copy of the magazine .. how do I get it.?

  9. Visit our page on MagCloud to purchase the digital or print edition.


  10. You can get this months issue through MagCloud here:
    Subscriptions are not available at this time.

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