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Emma Stone in Interview Magazine. Perfection!!

I’m a big fan of Emma Stone, which may come as no surprise considering I run a magazine full of photos of beautiful women and photography. She’s a great actor and funny as hell. Maybe I just wish I was her? I don’t think I have seen her in an editorial photo shoot before, and here she does a great [...]

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Chase Jarvis Explains What Photographers Really Do With Their Time

Chase Jarvis is a pretty great photographer. Why haven’t we featured his work in SESSIONS Mag yet? I don’t know! He’s a hard guy to get ahold of apparently. Anyway, he created this cool info-graphic (who doesn’t love info-graphics?) about the public perception about photography as a profession, and the reality. Kind of like this pictures you see on facebook [...]

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Like Instagram, Only Wearable

From These days many avid photographers don’t really think about printing their work, content to let it live on their phones, external hard drives, and social networks. But a new textile printing method that lets photographers, designers, and craftspeople print directly onto any natural fiber could change that mindset. The Lumi Process is the creation of Los Angeles dye manufacturer Lumi. [...]

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As you may have already seen by now in the newest issue, SESSIONS Magazine has a new feature called SESSIONS 360. Us at SESSIONS Magazine are inviting you, the photographer, to create your own 360 series. We want to see behind the scenes photos and video, photos of how you shot your series, interviews with the model and/or crew, and [...]

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