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Top Casting Director James Scully Calls For The End Of Anonymous 15-Year-Old Fashion Models

Came across this article on buzzfeed (sorry, I know it’s a silly website, but sometimes it has good stuff!). Casting Director James Scully talks about how he misses models on magazine covers, and the end of 15-year-old girls walking the runways. Really good read. In this “How I Made It in Fashion” series, BuzzFeed Fashion pulls back the curtain [...]

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Interview with Jodi Cobb (

I came across this interview today and I found it really interesting. Jodi Cobb is a freelance photographer for National Geographic, and she has had a pretty inspiring career. It’s not fashion photography, but every photographer appreciates what a documentarian can accomplish. This interview is from, I did not write it. You can see the original interview here: [...]

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Issue 11 and The Best Of Volumer 2 in Print!

Another cheesy video of me (Jacqueline) talking about how much I love our magazines. I think you will love them too!

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Thank You from the Editor!

A little video message from the Editor. (Click Image) Thank you to everyone involved in creating this amazing issue 10, and thank you to everyone for all their support!

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FREE! ANDIVERO Magazine Available Now!

Click here to subscribe for your FREE issue of ANDIVERO Magazine, a brand new publication from Paul Buceta Publishing Edit: Issue 1 of ANDIVERO Magazine is available now for free. Click the link above to subscribe and download your free digital copy. —- Debut issue being released on December 19th, 2012 Digital version FREE Print version for purchase through

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