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ShirrStone Shelter Dolls

ShirrStone Shelter Dolls Photography by OlyDoll

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Anastasia Alexandrin

Through the Looking Glass: Female identity artist, Anastasia Alexandrin, is exploring new horizons By Marc Londo Almost 8000 miles separates Philadelphia from Ahmedabad, India. It is a distance that spans one-third of the Earth at the equator, and serves as a retaining wall between two countries that are on opposite ends of the cultural spectrum. Nevertheless, as an artist who [...]

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Ansgar Dressler

Today we acknowledge German abstract oil painter, Ansger Dressler. His art has been featured in a few exhibitions in Germany and Italy. Give it up for his talent, would you want his art to hang in your living room? You can check out his Facebook page: and also visit his website at:

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Dan Monteavaro

Dan Monteavaro is an artist born and raised from New York and also works there as well as Los Angeles. His pieces investigate on how our world is in a digital age were everything can still be pixellated; that says less about the environment and more about how the world perceives things. Nowadays, society perceives things based on digital sources [...]

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Illustrations by David Bray

As SESSIONS Magazine, we love all kinds of art, and we love to showcase work from Illustrators as well as photographers. I recently came across the work of Illustrator David Bray, from the UK, and fell in love with his style. He often draws females intermixed with pieces of pop culture or mildly erotic elements. I would love to have [...]

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