Artists/Designers — August 23, 2013 at 8:00 am

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Designer Series: Gottex

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014
SLS Hotel South Beach, Miami Beach, FL
Interview with Michal Weinberg (Gottex)

Interviewer, Photographer: Semant Jain, Ph.D.
Content Editor: Marisa Lyon and Kim Pham
Fashion Writer: Alexandra Scheck and Samantha Raines

On July 21, 2013, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Gottex Swimwear revealed their 2014 collection. In an exclusive interview with SJ Chronicle’s Executive Editor Semant Jain, designer Michal Weinberg dished about the Gottex line, Profile. “Profile is about embracing the woman’s body,” Weinberg divulged. “[It is] a feminine, flirty, easy line that everyone can feel comfortable in.” The pieces were made with “sensitive lycra”, a material similar to lycra that hugs the body, contributing to their perfect fit.

Teeming with Caribbean colors and sexy silhouettes, the retro-chic line lit up the outdoor pool runway. The influence for this collection was all about “the great movie stars of the 50s, but with Caribbean colors. You see very vivid, strong colors, and we have a very strong, sophisticated black and white group.” Bright turquoise, electric blue, and violet were just a few of the many tropical hues that graced the runway. The Gottex models embodied Weinburg’s retro-chic influence by wearing transparent, clear heels, simplistic makeup with an electric red lip, layered gold bangles, and a few wearing oversized, wide brim sun hats.

In addition to the glamorous solids, tropical patterns embraced floral prints through tangerine, lavender, and coral pink. Weinberg shared that “all of the colors in the collection [we dyed] by ourselves because we want our special colors, and the solid groups will match the printed groups.”

Michal Weinberg does not plan to stop designing swimwear any time soon. She admits, “I’m addicted to swimwear!” Her understanding of fit and design, she says, comes from the fact that she’s a woman herself and understands how women feel about their bodies. “To buy swimwear is very hard. I don’t know what is harder: to buy swimwear or go to the dentist, but believe me, it’s almost the same!”

Next year, Weinberg plans to go to Mongolia to see what inspires her. To learn more about Profile by Gottex, visit HYPERLINK “” their website.

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