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Iain Crawford

Iain Crawford
Iain grew up in Africa and Malaysia and developed a passion for photography at an early age.
On moving to London, he worked as an account handler for Saatchi & Saatchi but left to pursue his photographic career.
After spending several years living and working in New York, he is now based back in London but continues to work internationally.
Iain loves to capture images that have a strong graphic and textural quality, often searching out the graphical symmetry in chaos,
while still maintaining the personality and emotion of the subject. His career has lead him to shoot campaigns for many of the world’s
top brands and receive commissions from a host of top international magazines.

Be sure to see more of his work at his website

Commenting on the paint shoot, Iain says: I love the fusion between paint and model. The resulting shapes are as opulent as any piece of bespoke couture.
The excitement and anticipation as we waited to see the next piece of unpredictable chaos was electric.
There was something magical about how random chance materialized into beautiful images in front of our eyes.

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