Issues — December 13, 2012 at 11:13 am

SESSIONS Magazine Issue 10


Featured Contributors:

  • Gabriel Assaf
  • Catherine Asanov
  • Stella Bonasoni
  • Ben Bernschneider
  • CMEJ-Dumas
  • Sequoia Emmanuelle
  • Alex Falcao
  • Katherine Gaines
  • Josh Green
  • Tomozaku Hamada
  • Mitchell Harrison
  • Anna Kirikova
  • Siul Martinez
  • Mura
  • Mike Nguyen
  • Anna Scetinina
  • Anette Schive
  • Lila Serezhkina
  • Lior Susana
  • Renat Touichev
  • Patty Tseng
  • Ben Tsui
  • Angelina Venturella
  • Eric T. Williams
  • Willy Wong



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SESSIONS Magazine Issue 10

SESSIONS Magazine Issue 10

SESSIONS Magazine Issue 10 features over 25 new photography series, as well as interviews and art from contributors around the world.SESSIONS Magazine provides a forum and creative flash point for both local and internationally renowned photographers and artists to showcase their work, share…

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