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Lior Susana

“I find the idea of controlling the situation fascinating.Working with other people, sharing new ideas in the creative process is a whole new way of approaching photography from my point of view. I am enjoying the planning and conceptualizing as part of a team, working toward my next project. I came from waiting for the right moment on a given situation without much planning ahead (which is the greatest excitement of all and will always be one of my greatest passions), to discovering this existence of the same excitement of the unknown in staged photography as well…”

Recall a moment that took your breath away. Maybe it was a sunrise in the mountains or a sunset sinking behind a city’s skyscrapers. Regardless, you forget everything on your mind because in that moment, you are so present that nothing else matters: You will forever remember that moment.Good photographers capture these moments in the blink of a mechanical eye, framing the view, flattening the depth, but still keeping the essence. Great photographers do something else. Instead of capturing a moment that takes your breath away, Lior Susana breaths life into the moments of his imagery. His photographs feel quiet and still as if he has pushed pause on time, inviting the viewer to linger in the space of a moment. Susana has discovered the inescapable calm of an instance where time is of no importance because it holds no dimension. In this way, even when movement is evident in some the images, the stillness and power of presence still prevails. This presence communicates the humanity of his photographs because before Susana clicks his camera—before he even pulls his camera out—he is fully alive in the moment. The camera isn’t a primary thought nor is it a secondary thought, but something that he doesn’t think about; like speaking  or writing, it has become another intrinsic form of communication. It’s as if the photographs already existed because he saw them in his mind and understood them to be simultaneous with the moment. His work is not proof of what he has seen, but the medium by which he shares who he is and how he comprehends the world. It is lively and grey, vast and fleeting, surprising and unforgiving, joyful and perpetual, and always present. His unyielding attention to being fully in the moment strips away any sense of ego. It is not complexity, light, or attention to detail, but the ease—complete lack of resistance—that makes his work stand out. This inherent quality is only amplified by his technical skill as a photographer. -

Skype: lior_susana FB:

Italy +39-3288571428 Israel +972-524383288

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