Fashion Photographers — December 17, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Lior Susana – Behind the Scenes

Lior Susana is one of our favourite photographers, and we were lucky enough to feature his series Haute Puissance in Issue 10 of SESSIONS Magazine.

Behind the scenes photos shot by Lior’s assistant Udi Ben Tora.

“I find the idea of controlling the situation fascinating.

Working with other people, sharing new ideas in the creative

process is a whole new way of approaching photography from

my point of view.

I am enjoying the planning and conceptualizing as part of a

team, working toward my next project.

I came from waiting for the right moment on a given situation

without much planning ahead ( which is the greatest excitement

of all and will always be one of my greatest passions ), to discovering

this existence of the same excitement of the unknown in

staged photography as well…”



One Comment

  1. Lior Susana is a very talented photographer with a great creative vision
    There is a saying: “every teacher I had – taught me something new”
    And as a photographer behind the scenes, I learned a lot of things from Lior.
    Thank you and good luck Lior :)

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