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Buy This Issue: SESSIONS Magazine Issue 9 Feat. Sequoia Emmanuelle

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SESSIONS Volume 9 features the work of Sequoia Emmanuelle and Daniel Jung


Photography by Sequoia Emmanuelle & Daniel Jung

Hair by Pavy Olivarez

Makeup by Kerri Evans & Pavy Olivarez

Styling by Aradia Julia Sunresi

Models: Chanon Finley, Nickie Jean & Sarah Brewer


Gabriel Assaf, Jason Brown, Kira Bucca, Morgan Chidsey, Geoffrey Chuah, Patrizia Corbianco, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Matthew Furtado, Tomokazu Hamada, HT Pixels, Janine Joffe, Daniel Jung, Erin Elizabeth Kelly, Kristia Knowles, Sidney Kraemer, Susie Loow, Ron Erick Odchigue, Sean O’Toole, Quintin Perez, Charline Robichaud, Ewa Sawicka, Katerina, Shaver, Sam Sulam, Carlos Teixeira, Aber Thano, Maira Tilson, Gabe Toth,  Arrien van Vliet, Eric Williams


Billy Archos, Pouyan Fard



To us each issue is like a child. We have no favourites, but do celebrate the uniqueness of each one. While sticking to our guns we’ve seen SESSIONS grow, (In a few short years) to an artistically celebrated magazine.

From the Editor:

With Issue 9 of SESSIONS Magazine being released at a time when the days are becoming shorter and summer is coming to an end, I was definitely hanging on to some elements of the warm weather, and I don’t mean my Birkenstocks. Don’t get me wrong, one of the things I love about living in Canada is the diversity between the seasons, and in Issue 9 of SESSIONS Magazine I tried to transition from light to dark in a way that I felt was really easy on the eyes…

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Just some of the features in this issue;

Self Portraits

Artist Features


Fashion and Beauty Photography

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Please be advised, this issue is in digital  form only – It is not in print.



  1. Will this issue come out at a later day in print?

  2. At this time, no, it will not be in print.

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