From The Editor — August 13, 2012 at 7:00 am


As you may have already seen by now in the newest issue, SESSIONS Magazine has a new feature called SESSIONS 360. Us at SESSIONS Magazine are inviting you, the photographer, to create your own 360 series. We want to see behind the scenes photos and video, photos of how you shot your series, interviews with the model and/or crew, and maybe even a write up from you, describing the shoot and your vision.

This months SESSIONS 360 was shot by our very own publisher, Paul Buceta, who was able to acquire a sweet vintage Cadillac for the shoot. Even better, our model for the shoot was former SESSIONS contributing artist Saira De Goede, who is a model as well as an artist!

Here you can see a few pages of the feature in this months preview of the magazine, or you can get the full version of the magazine to see the feature in it’s entirety, BTS video included.

Have questions about shooting a SESSIONS 360 series? Visit the Contact page and fill out the form with your questions.


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