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Buy This Issue: SESSIONS Magazine Issue 6 Feat. Tyler Mitchell

SESSIONS Volume 6 features the work of Tyler Mitchell.

Cover Credits:

Photographer: Tyler Mitchell

Model: Jillian @ Fenton Moon

Make Up : Elle Murphy

Hair by : Brittany Whetnall

Styling : Sneed

Others involved in the magazine include;

Elle Murphy, Britanny Whetnall, Sneed, Brianna Michelle, Chelsea Allen, Ja’Niya Walker, Mariel Gomsrud, Marita Gomsrud, Shawn Westlake, Desiree Foote, Sophia Nawabi, Gretchen Anne Westlake, Che Bo, FouFou, Helen Jin, Ding Ning, Chisato Chris Arai, Kevin Gu, Billy Archos, Maria Riis Christiansen, Solvi Stridfeldt, Sigrid Hesla Breie, Ida Isabel Panozo, Heather Depriest, Alyssa Chrenick, Sparkle Tafao, Olivia Shove, Chelsie Hood, Amanda Martinez, Harriet Watson, Yelena Ilnitskaya, Maddie Underwood, Laura Martinez, Liz Nevin, Michelle Washington, Lauren Ridings, Jac M, Jessie Sinatra, Anthony Cress, Onna Suhovy, Vaida, Svetlana, Trine, Roksana Rychlik, Alex Reszka, Peter Bonnen, Michael Detlef Petersen, Katie Q, SAJ Mack, Olga, Yuki Hayashi, Lizzie Arneson, Hayley Pisaturo, Kit Leuzarder, Joshua Ferguson, Lindsay Bracken, Jacqueline Piccola, Jacqueline Lavaun, Asia, Vohla, Sparkle Tafao, Neeko, Randy Madden, Tanya Abriol, Kristen M Stuart, Nadine C Perez



To us each issue is like a child. We have no favourites, but do celebrate the uniqueness of each one. While sticking to our guns we’ve seen SESSIONS grow, (In a few short years) to an artistically celebrated magazine.

Our original mandate was showcasing beautiful creative photography, over time we were continuously approached to showcase art. The photography medium was good, in fact, we were convinced it was great. However, having artists contribute their work has changed the landscape of the magazine beautifully. It’s become a wonderful blend and has left us in the position to push the envelope.  We still hold true to being a submission based magazine and celebrate the fact. We experience pride in giving artists an avenue for expression, an avenue to showcase their work, an avenue to be recognized by their peers and public. By doing so, we also offer the viewer the joy of sharing in this experience.

Just some of the features in this issue;

“Where the Sidewalks End’ photos Angela Marklew. A true expression of beautifully captured black and whites.

“Fallen Bird” photos Joanna Karlsson. An experiment in colour and black and white with duplicate impressions.

“Self Portraits” photos and model – Sarah Scotford. Sarah puts on a show of sex appeal with a voyeuristic appeal.

“Nagel Vision” photography by Mike Nguyen. Inspired by the popular 80′s pop culture art of Patrick Nagel, Nguyen aptly takes us on a journey back to the 80′s with a very current style.

“Ode to the Stocking” article Billy Archos. Archos, tells a beautifully painful, yet romantic Ode to love… and stockings.

“Once Upon A Time” photography by Iness Rychlik. Imagine the Black Forest with deer, wind-up ballerinas, peacocks, and witchcraft, and you’re only scratching the surface of the visual delights Rychlik delivers.

“Misfits” photography by Mike Nguyen. Bikes, fashion, and the American way as glorified in the 1969 cult classic Easy Rider. Nguyen once again delivers with some wonderfully captured moments.

Help celebrate the art and beauty. Experience your copy today.

  This issue is available as a downloadable PDF which can easily be added to tablets for off-line access, or viewed on PCs and Macs. This version of the magazine offers images including nudity. While it’s the same price as the Zinio version, it offers more content. If you prefer the G rated version, we recommend buying the magazine on Zinio.

Buy the Full Magazine below.

Or you can CLICK HERE to buy the G rated version from ZINIO.

Please be advised, this issue is not in print.

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