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SESSIONS Magazine Issue 6

SESSIONS magazine is totally submission driven. It is a collection of fashion, beauty, and art photography from international photographers. Some are well known and some are terrific artists simply looking to gain exposure. The purpose of this magazine is to acknowledge those artists which take our art to another level while at the same time introducing the world to artists cutting new paths on their way to the top.

Featured Contributors:

  • Angela Marklew
  • Ben Tsui
  • Benjo Arwas
  • Billy Archos
  • Charles Lucima
  • Christopher Malcolm
  • Colin Philippe
  • Iness Rychlik
  • Joanna Karlsson
  • Juan DeLeon
  • Katherine Gaines
  • Mark Lvcksavage
  • Mike Nguyen
  • Morgan Chidsey
  • Phillipe Hernandez
  • Sasha Sheldon
  • Stephen Archer
  • Tyler Mitchel

Cover Credits:

Photographer: Tyler Mitchell
Model: Jillian @ Fenton Moon
Make Up: Elle Murphy
Hair by: Brittany Whetnall
Styling: Sneed

This issue is available as a downloadable PDF which can easily be added to tablets for off-line access, or viewed on PCs and Macs. This version of the magazine offers images including nudity. While it’s the same price as the Zinio version, it offers more content. If you prefer the G rated version, we recommend buying the magazine on Zinio.

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