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Buy This Issue: SESSIONS Magazine Issue 4 Feat. Maryse Ouellet


Amanda Gift – Cover Image

Jeff Hui

Allysandra Cervantes

Dave Chang

Irvin Rivera

Rick Opiola

Joe Lindstrom

Kim Akrigg

Kira Bucca

Kris Rodammer

Lisa Carpenter

Paul Buceta

Sofia Venanzetti

Trevor Nicholls

Nadia L Papineau

Yelena Tonoyan

Michael Cinquino

Charles Lucima

This issue offering over 200 pages of amazing photography. It comes as a downloadable PDF which can easily be added to the iPad Library for off-line access, or viewed on PCs and Macs.


You can also by the Apple friendly version on ZINIO here.

SESSIONS magazine is totally submission driven. It is a collection of fashion, beauty, and art photography from international photographers. Some are well known and some are terrific artists simply looking to gain exposure. The purpose of this magazine is to acknowledge those artists which take our art to another level while at the same time introducing the world to artists cutting new paths on their way to the top.

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